This three-year project, undertaken by NWHC’s chaplaincy team, funded by St Peter’s Saltley Trust and Youth for Christ, developed a free-to-download bank of flexible tutorial resources on a range of faith and ethical topic

Each tutorial is structured in three ‘courses’: a choice of ‘starter’ opens up the topic, different ‘main’ options deliver the core content, while ‘dessert’ options provide a challenge, a practical activity, or something to take away.
The starting point for many of the early tutorials to be produced was the calendar of religious festivals. For the project’s initiator, then college chaplain Revd Naomi Nixon, encountering the festivals of other faiths provides an accessible introduction to key beliefs and convictions about God and the good life, but in a way which is more lived/performed than simply reading about a religion’s key beliefs and practices. Eighteen faith tutorials offer the opportunity to explore a festival within the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Bahai, Pagan and traditional Chinese traditions.
Other tutorials adopt a different tack, focusing on ethical topics or exploring faith in different ways. One tutorial, ‘I’m not religious but…’ offers an opportunity for students to consider what faith and values they live by, regardless of whether they align themselves with one particular world faith or not. Other tutorials focus on fairtrade, anti-trafficking, living in a multi-faith context and dealing with faith-related issues in the workplace. For current college chaplain Revd Neil Dunlop, preparing students for life and work in a society where they might work with or live next alongside people of different faiths is an important task that colleges can address. ‘Faith in the workplace’ has been tried and tested within a number of subject areas in the college, with very positive feedback from tutors.
You can visit the full resource bank and download tutorials for free at:

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