This is a follow-up event to the successful zoom workshop held on June 5th.

Open to anyone interested as well as those who attended the first workshop

Transforming Work

Saturday 3 July, 2021, 9.30-3.30


Organised by the Kingdom at Work  Project

in association with St. Peter’s Saltley Trust


The purpose of the Kingdom at Work Project is to develop a new approach to transforming the world of work through a process of discernment, partnership and intervention, informed and empowered by a communal theology of the kingdom.


The aim of the July workshop is to enable participants…

  • to learn more about the purpose and scope of the project – in particular its approach to partnership, intervention and the initial steps being taken to develop a communal model for the economy.
  • to explore how to test out the methodology of the project in their work situation.
  • to respond to the project in the light of their own insights and experience of engagement with the world of work,
  • to consider becoming part of a team to continue to develop the project.


The day will be facilitated by Dr David Clark, Kingdom at Work Project Coordinator, and members of the Kingdom at Work Project Steering Group.



To book a place for 3 July, please contact Lynne Hayes-James (

0121 427 6800




More about the Kingdom at Work Project


The project was launched in 2014, following the publication of David Clark’s book

The Kingdom at Work Project: a communal approach to mission in the workplace.


Since its beginning, the project has:

  • Run consultations in 2014, 2018 and 2019 bringing together representatives of Christian associations active in relating faith to the world of work to share their insights and experience.


  • Produced bulletins on a wide range of faith and work issues with contributions from members of associations such as MODEM, CHRISM, Quakers and Business, the Industrial Mission Association, ICF, LICC, Together for the Common Good, the St Paul’s Institute and Faith in Business.

Launch of Plenty! – new resource on the economic roots of the environmental crisis – 24 June 2021

Plenty! is a small group discussion resource for churches on the economic drivers of the current ecological crises. It may be new to you, or those familiar with Joy in Enough may have had a chance to join in with the piloting, either online or in person.

You can join the launch event for the resource on 24 June at 7pm. The evening will include key-note speaker Eve Poole, theologian and author of Buying God, a panel discussion, and a presentation on Plenty! and its themes. You can sign up now to attend the launch through Eventbrite.

Plenty! can be run online via Zoom, or face to face. Each session is 75 minutes and is led by a facilitator with short pre-reading for participants. Sessions begin with a short video clip and is followed by questions for discussion. The themes for the sessions are:

  • Plenty! – Inequality.
  • Just can’t get enough – Consumerism and advertising
  • Growing pains – The growth imperative and debt
  • God is in business – Economic justice
  • Running out of planet – The climate emergency
  • Joy in Enough – Towards sustainability and wellbeing

The 6 sessions engage with the social, psychological and theological implications of the current economic system – including the idea that economic growth is essential to human flourishing – and its impact on the environmental crisis we are facing. Participants are encouraged to envision other, better ways of living together well.

All the Plenty! materials will be available for downloading from the Joy in Enough website, from the 24th of June.

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