Common Fund for Initial Teacher Training in RE, 2014-15

In 2014-15 St Peter’s Saltley Trust joined with four other religious education charities within the Association of Church College Trusts to offer bursaries to students doing initial teacher training in RE.

As a matter of course St Peter’s Saltley Trust does not give grants to individual applicants for the costs of personal study or research. However, in 2014-15, in the face of a crisis of recruitment of RE teachers the Trust joined together with five other members of the Association of Church College Trusts (ACCT) to create a one-off ‘Common Fund’ offering bursaries for those undertaking initial teacher training in religious education. Other participating Trusts were: Culham St Gabriel’s Trust, the Jerusalem Trust, the Hockerill Foundation and the St Luke’s College Foundation. Saltley Trust funding enabled bursaries to be given to 14 students from, or training within, the West Midlands region. Overall, approximately 125 student teachers were assisted by the ACCT Common Fund, which then closed in 2015.
Those currently seeking funding to cover the costs of initial teacher training in RE should visit for details of grants currently available.

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