Kingscompass Coaching, based in Henley-in-Arden, has been developing a model of ‘Christ-centred coaching’, the centrepiece of a ‘Christian Coach Toolbox’ course begun in 2014. Trust funding supported resource development and exploration of the interface between spiritual direction and faith-centred coaching.

1. What was the context or challenge which led you to developing your project?
The distinction and overlap of Spiritual Direction and a Christian faith centred approach to Coaching was an insightful and timely question posed by Saltley Trust Director Ian Jones. The fact it had not been asked nearly two years into developing ‘CROSS Coaching’, a scripturally grounded approach to coaching was remarkable, as has proved the research journey it inspired.

2. What did you do, and how did you go about it? How was it new or creative?
Following some initial internet research which threw up little by way of formal response to this question, Christians involved through the pilot training programme were invited to contribute perspective and experience, together with thought on literature and other research routes.

What emerged was that this question did not appear to have been considered to any great extent, if at all, either within Christian literature on these topics or amongst practitioners. This was discussed with Ian who added to potential research avenues. These have been formalised into a basic research brief and plan comprising desk and face to face interviews culminating in a facilitated evening to share findings and help draw together conclusions.

3. What difference has the project made or is making?
While definitions and practice of both topics vary, an overlap and distinction is being traced and articulating far more precisely the distinct nature, process and outcomes of Christian faith centred coaching in contrast to Spiritual Direction.
A sharpening of the language describing Christian faith centred coaching is developing. This deepened expression offers value to Christians seeking to identify appropriate support to meet their particular needs, as well as those considering training.
Areas of overlap are indicating a rich seam of potential value to each other.
Confirmation that an explicitly Christian faith centred approach to coach training and practice is a distinct and emerging area of Christian discipleship with potential to bring an enriching offer into Christian life and service.

4. What difference did support/funding from St Peter’s Saltley Trust make to your project and its impact?
The Trust’s support has been utterly invaluable providing:
Challenge combined with practical financial support which has paved the way to a deeper exploration and development of an emerging approach to Christian discipleship.
Networks, through which the approach is being actively extended, tested and defined.
Much valued personal motivation and encouragement on a pioneering journey which has been a lonely experience at times.

Alongside this research piece, St Peter’s Saltley Trust has also provided financial support to enable website and training materials development. This is extending reach and engagement in this developing ministry as well as allowing the piloting of learning resources. A sincere thank you!
Carole Milligan
Director, Kingscompass Christian Coaching

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