Pupils explore the Parable of the Sower

Earlier in 2022, pupils from Harbury C of E Primary in Warwickshire took part in a special series of lessons and events exploring Jesus’ parable of the sower in creative ways, with a small grant from St Peter’s Saltley Trust.  Teacher and project coordinator Kate Fowler tells the story:

“After many, many months of working separately in our covid-safe ‘bubbles’ we wanted a whole school project to bring us altogether and remind ourselves of our identity as a church school. Our Christian vision has always been based on the Parable of the Sower however it had been many years since we had reflected on this and decided to set aside a day to do just this. The local Open the Book group offered to re-enact the parable for us and teachers had lots of creative ideas about how the children could engage with it but we needed something more and that is where St Peter’s Saltley Trust were able to help. They gave us the funding we needed to collaborate with a Christian sculptor who specialises in willow creations (www.waysidewillow.co.uk). He designed and involved the children in making a sculpture of a wheat seed germinating that is now in pride of place at the entrance to our school. Its presence there generates lots of conversations with parents and at the school summer fair year 6 children acted as tour guides, explaining to members of the community what the sculpture meant to them and their school.

“The story would have ended there, however September brought the arrival of a new Head teacher who has used the sculpture and the related work as a springboard into the heart of the school. She has distilled the parable into the strapline ‘to love, learn and grow together’ and whereas before we had Star Learner awards we now have Love, Learn Grow awards to celebrate children who are exhibiting the school’s values. These combined factors have meant we are much more unified and reaffirmed in our mission as a church school”.