Plumbing the Depths: A Reflective CPD Resource for Chaplains in Further Education




Ever felt a bit like Jonah? Perhaps you have felt called to do a challenging job – are you getting stuck in? Or running away?  Do you sometimes feel swallowed up by the size of the task?  Or maybe things are going well and your work is making a difference?

Plumbing the Depths is a new reflective resource designed to facilitate reflection on experiences of calling and ministry in Further Education, based on themes from the Book of Jonah.  For use in large group, small group and 1-1 settings, it has been developed by West Midlands Churches’ FE Council based on an original idea by Sarah Brush and Toni Coulton, with additional material by Chris Polhill and Ian Jones, and 24 specially-commissioned illustrations by Si Smith.  The resource comes in electronic form and includes worksheets, facilitators’ guides, PowerPoint presentations and more.

NB: Plumbing the Depths is available for a suggested donation of £9, with all donations being passed to West Midlands Churches’ FE Council.  If you wish to pay less (or more!) than the suggested donation, please contact us, rather than proceeding with the order.

Can be mailed on CD-ROM or sent by file transfer.  Please indicate which you would prefer when purchasing.