Green Christian’s Joy in Enough project: the Plenty! resource

John Daniels of Green Christian writes about this new initiative which has just received a small grant from the Trust:

‘Joy in Enough is a campaign for a fair and sustainable economy, led by Green Christian and supported by partner organisations.  It is a challenge to Christians to imagine and work towards an economy that supports human flourishing within the planetary boundaries.

Plenty! is the working title of a small group discussion resource currently being developed as part of  Joy in Enough.  It’s based on the model of a small group gathered informally around a table under the guidance of a facilitator (say in a coffee shop or similar setting).

Over the course of several meetings, group members begin to learn about how our economy works, and on how it impacts on us as people.  The aim is to examine the usually unexamined assumption that endless economic growth is essential to human flourishing; and to begin to imagine other ways of living together well.

With support from the Saltley Trust we are planning to trial this resource with a number of churches in the West Midlands.  This will start with an orientation and training event for potential Plenty! facilitators’.