Life Plus – Oswestry Schools Christian Worker Project

Life Plus is an initiative being run by the Schools Christian Worker Project, covering Oswestry and Ellesmere in North Shropshire. It seeks to develop educational and personal development resources for school children, with particular emphasis on those who are vulnerable or at risk from exclusion.

The first Life Plus initiative was developed by former OSCWP worker Ben Mayho, who writes:

Oswestry Schools Christian Worker Project“Life Plus uses bushcraft and survival training as a means to get young people to consider their values, character, and attitudes – inspired by the example of Jesus – in line with the requirements of the RE, and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural curriculums.  Each session involves the young people engaging with the natural world, and thinking about how they would survive if left on their own in the wild.  They explore the idea that it’s up to them to make their own way in life, and that they can’t blame others for where they end up.

Each practical session links neatly to a specific life-skill too. Sessions on shelter building work well to inspire teamwork, and the collection/filtration/purification of water leads itself perfectly to getting the young people to consider the importance of rules.

Many young people who struggle to cope in a traditional school setting, thrive when given the opportunity to work outside the classroom. Life Plus is aimed at such pupils, and offers a way of challenging their character, and helping them to become a positive member of their school community.”

Under a new project worker, Hannah Moore, more Life Plus resources are being developed this academic year.  Watch this space!