Just Published: A-Level RS Research and Faith in the Public Square

By October 7, 2016 Blog

This year at Saltley Trust has involved a lot of writing up, but gradually the fruits of this work are seeing the light of day!

‘What Difference does A-Level RS Make?’ explores the changing values and worldviews of A-Level RS students and the extent to which these change over the course of their religious studies course.  Project findings are published in a series of articles in the Journal of Beliefs and Values by Leslie Francis, Andrew Village and Stephen Parker, by Andrew Village and Leslie Francis and by Ian Jones.  This project was undertaken with funding from St Peter’s Saltley Trust and the Culham St Gabriel’s Trust.

In the summer, Ian also contributed a short paper to the University of Worcester’s conference on Social Justice: Building a Fairer, More Equal Society, held to mark the 75th anniversary of Archbishop William Temple’s Malvern Conference in 1941.  The paper compares the original Malvern conference of 1941 with a 50th anniversary conference organised by Bishop of Worcester Philip Goodrich in 1991, exploring changing attitudes to social justice and conceptions of the churches’ role in fostering it.  An extended version of this paper is now published in the Journal of Beliefs and Values, along with several other papers from the conference.

Ian has a limited number of free download codes to give away – please contact us if you’re interested to read either article.