Hikaru: Name above All Names is a fantasy adventure story based on the biblical narrative.  It is the creation of John Prockter, dirctor of Catalyst Youth Trust.  Here John explains more:

‘Catalyst Youth Trust is a small youth work organisation based in the Shropshire region. Primarily we work in the Bridgnorth / Telford region and run a series of programmes for primary and secondary school students. In a typical year, we’ll teach around 2500 young people, and work will work with 250 in a deeper, more significant way, including the introduction of the gospel and discipleship.

Currently, St Peter’s Saltley Trust is funding a new initiative of ours called Hikaru: Name above all names. Hikaru is a fantasy adventure novel based on a central biblical narrative. In the

story, characters go through situations which we’re able to translate into dynamic workshops for year 6 students. St Peter’s Saltley Trust is funding the development of the art for the novel, which is being used to help young people engage with spiritual themes and important characters in the Bible.

After one workshop, a teacher from Morville Primary School wrote this review for us:
“They loved the whole concept of the story and the different characters. They thought the use of Japanese names was great. The posters and style of artwork is amazing! They all enjoyed the creative sessions, especially the ‘consequences’ game and describing the characters. The storytelling sections were great; they all felt absorbed in the story. When the meanings of the characters names were explained, they found that useful.”

[Photos: Catalyst Youth Trust.  Hikaru Art: Dawn Southcombe]