resized photo3FF (Three Faiths Forum) are currently recruiting Birmingham Primary Schools to participate in their two-year Trust-funded ‘faith school linking’ project. Could your school take part?

3FF’s ‘Faith School Linking’ project brings together students from different cultural and faith backgrounds who never usually have the opportunity to meet each other in person. The programme takes young people (and their teachers) outside of their usual school communities and helps them engage more fully and competently with their multi-ethnic, multi-faith, multi-cultural society.
First developed in London and currently involving around 50 pairs of linked schools across the country, the faith school linking project is now being extended to Birmingham. Grant-funding from St Peter’s Saltley Trust is enabling the establishment of two school pairings in Birmingham. 3FF will offer support and training to teachers, assist in the planning of link events for upper primary children, and engage with parents and families.
Watch this space for more details on the project, as it develops.

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